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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So, I keep getting my log-in information messed up. I've been getting these horrendous headaches, so I give it a couple of tries and then I barely get on the comp at all. Benadryl has become my best friend at night because it helps the headaches AND helps me sleep. And, of course, safe to take while pregnant, so that's definitely the most important aspect!

I went days without playing WoW, which is, of course, a big deal. haha I logged back on a few nights ago and got a new achievement. Ambassador of Alliance! So happy! Oddly enough, the next day we met up with a couple of our guildies for lunch. They are SO awesome. They always pay for our lunch! They even had Christmas gifts for the kids and a birthday gift for the little Princess since her b-day is right before Christmas. I feel so blessed to be part of an awesome Christian guild. They're seriously like our family! And honestly, the friends we have in this area from the guild are some of THE closest friends we have in the area. And you have to appreciate ANY friends that will lay their hands on you and pray with you. There's not much will miss about this area, but good friends will definitely be missed!

At this point we're *fairly* sure we'll be heading back to Houston, TX when it's all said and done. Hubby has talked with his Commander, and being a family man himself he said he would never want to move if his wife was at the end of the pregnancy, so he has decided to try to at least keep us here until the baby is born, so that is one less worry! He also let hubs come home yesterday just to go on leave until after his convalescent leave is up after the next surgery. He saw it as any good servant leader would - this soldier is in the middle of cancer treatment and needs to be taking care of stuff at home, not sitting at a desk for a week and a half. He also sent him home with his prayers. Praise the Lord for putting such a man in such a position! We will be finishing up the Will, his living will, and the POA over his medical care this week. It's the stuff you don't WANT to think about, but you know it's important. I have faith that there won't be a "just in case," but it needs to be done anyway! Especially when kids are involved!

Hubs is currently jamming to Guitar Praise. I got it as one of his Christmas gifts so he had something to do in the hospital (we'll hook it up to the laptop). How cool to be jamming to Inspirational music at the hospital, right? When we came up with a gift budget, I totally didn't even think of myself and spent it all on the kids and him. I can genuinely say I don't care. I'm totally happy seeing how much they will enjoy their gifts! That's the best part anyway! I think at this point the kids have either peeked at their gifts before they were wrapped, or they've teared a sliver of paper off of each gift! haha They're still young toddlers and they're doing this already! Bubs actually came up to me at CiCi's Pizza when we were there with our friends and asked for money for the video games! He's 3 1/2!! Next it will be the car keys! LOL

Well, headache is setting in again. Yippee! I guess that means it's a good time to go to bed!