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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I just don't know anymore...

Anything I thought I knew is so jaded right now. I haven't blogged in so long because our family was going through a lot. The emotional ups and downs experienced over the past year and a half have been just crazy! I was so relieved when it was over and our family could be "on the mend." I guess I couldn't be farther from the truth. I have been totally blind-sided. It's amazing how people can see things so differently: the pursuit of "happiness" vs. the pursuit of holiness (a.k.a. God's Will), consulting family and friends vs. consulting our Father. But then how is one supposed to feel when they've pursued God's heart just to be slapped in the face by thoughts from this world? It's disheartening and discouraging. The only thing I DO know is that all I can do is continue to pursue God and focus on what He is telling me and know that whatever happens I will keep my faith in Him and trust Him. I know I surely need His intervention right now.