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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Winding down 2011

So tomorrow is the last day of 2011. What an interesting year! I still have SO much I didn't blog about that I'd still like to in the future - like our "fun" battle with the Army in regards to my husband's Medical Board that never happened (though should have) and now the wonderful housing up there that charged us almost $1K for sealing the floors due to 2 small "urine marks" on the carpet that were clearly much too small to be done by our Mastiff. And the story about our move down here and our trips to Ohio! Have I even mentioned in my blog that my sis had her first baby and my husband's brother had his first - within the same week? There have definitely been plenty of great moments as well! So I'm going to share a small recap of our family's life in 2011!

* My husband has now been cancer free for a whole year! Praise the Lord!!

* I just finished reading a Bible plan through You Version for the year - making it the 2nd year I've read it all the way through! And will continue!

* I lost all the baby weight and was almost back to the size I was even before all 3 kids, but I gained a little back over this move. I plan on fixing that! ;-)

* I started a few new businesses and dropped some, but through trial and error I'm finally finding what is best for us! My business blog is

* I decided Medical Billing and Coding is NOT for me, but I plan on using my MyCAA benefits to become a Certified Personal Trainer with a certificate in Nutrition as well

* In January we moved into a bigger house and different neighborhood on post.

* In March my husband celebrated his 27th birthday. At the end of Match I visited Ohio for my sister's baby shower just myself and the kids - and we all got a horrible stomach virus - including my poor sister! I came home to a very emotional/ stressed out husband who was saying he wanted to leave me. We started counseling and still have things to work on, but we've gladly made progress since then. I'm confident God is working in us and I'll continue to improve.

* Bubs turned 5 and Mooselion celebrated his 1st birthday in April! My mom, aunt, and Grandma from Ohio came over to Virginia to visit us for Easter.

* In May my sister had her 1st baby, and I was in Ohio to be there for his arrival (well, not the actual arrival, but the day after). Joey's brother also had his first baby a few days later, but I needed to go back to Virginia, so I wasn't able to go down and see them.

* In June B graduated from his Special Ed preschool class.

* In July we found out my husband "doesn't qualify for a Medical Evaluation Board" - 30 days before his separation from the Army date. He tried to re-enlist but was denied because his profile required him to go to the Medical Evaluation Board. We started fighting for something (anything) while also planning for the worst (they FORCE him to end his time in service).

* In August we fought and got my husband a 30 day extension so he could re-enlist. There was just no way we could go into the Civilian world with no pension and no health care! And I celebrated my 30th birthday! A couple of days before my bday I experienced my first earthquake (yes, in Virginia!). A couple days later we got a little bit of hurricane Irene. The next week we had floods! Crazy times!

* In Sept we celebrated our 6th anniversary at a retreat for the Warriors in Transition Unit. It was an amazing time and such a blessing! We went to Ohio for our nephew's baptism. I feel honored and blessed to be one of his Sponsors/ Godmother! Then we went down to Cincinnati to see some of my husband's family and finally met our niece as well! B went back to the public school for Kindergarten but that nagging feeling that I should Homeschool him just like I planned to with the other two despite his special needs was confirmed and we began Homeschool Kindergarten. The princess began Homeschool preschool.

* In October we found out the Army was having a hard time placing my husband due to our family's special needs. He got accepted to Fort Hood, TX after requesting they try there (he was born and raised in TX and we both have family in Houston). They dropped his official orders at the end of Oct and the report date was mid December! It's usually not that quick!

* In Nov the kids, dog, and I started the long drive down to TX because my husband opted to use his 30 day transition leave, which put us leaving Ft Belvoir at mid-Nov. He finished clearing and cleaning the house and joined us in Houston a week later. He signed the move-out sheet which said we were good to go, but shortly after we received an e-mail saying we owe $900 for "sealing the floors due to pet urine." We had already applied for housing on Ft Hood, which had a long waiting list, but by God's Grace we were assigned a house on post for early-mid Dec. Off post housing just was going to cost too much due to our needs and his low housing allowance.

* In Dec we got our house on post - almost a week later then they told us, but we got it! We were able to get cable and internet hooked up within 2 days, but our household goods didn't come until the following week. We went back over to Houston that weekend so we could actually stay in houses instead of hotels! My husband quickly got signed in to his new unit just in time for half days! Haha The princess celebrated her 4th birthday! We had her party the weekend before as usual since it's so close to Christmas. We didn't even have our stuff yet! LOL But we still managed to have fun! We were blessed by the Pflugerville fire department with some gifts for Christmas! We celebrated right here - no tree or decorations and in a house full of unpacked boxes, but it was pretty awesome!

And here we are on New Year's Eve! I'm awake right now because the whole move has totally messed the Mooselion up and he is a miserable, non-sleeping mess! He was getting so good with sleeping right before we left! Major regression, and he's nursing more as well! I'm sure he'll settle in soon! My husband's dad and step mom are here for the weekend, so we're excited to have our first family visitors and are ready to ring in the New Year to see what adventures 2012 brings! Happy New Year!


CSmithRN04 said...

Wow! What a year you've had!! So many amazing accomplishments too! I look forward to hearing how 2012 goes for you!!

Em said...

Thanks Christi! I'm glad to have gotten to know you this year, and I'm excited to continue getting to know you and your family more, and I treasure our friendship! :)